Choose Local

Nova Scotia is the largest producer of balsam fir trees in the world.

When you choose to purchase a real Christmas tree in Nova Scotia it will never have traveled more than a few hundred kilometres, and most often much less than this, to reach its final destination.

If buying local and supporting the economy is important to you, it only makes sense to choose a real tree. What better way to support local producers at Christmas time than to source your festive focal point from someone in your neighbourhood?

The Christmas tree and greenery industry is vital to the economy of rural Nova Scotia. In fact, over 1,100 Nova Scotian families depend on the Christmas tree industry for all or part of their income. The industry provides full and part-time employment to over 4,000 people in the province and contributes $52 million to the economy. If you’re interested in supporting your fellow Nova Scotians and seeing your dollars stay at home, choose a real Christmas tree this year.