Why Real?

Are You Wondering Why to Buy Real?

Each year when December rolls around, there are some people who ask themselves the question, “Should we put up a real Christmas tree this year?” We are here to tell you all the wonderful reasons that everyone should enjoy the pleasures of real Christmas trees. After all, it is hard to compete with the beauty, and smell, of a real Christmas tree!

Beauty, Fragrance & Tradition

Many choose a real tree, and particularly a balsam fir, for their renowned beauty. The Balsam Fir is valued highly for its dark green color, heavy-density foliage, its soft and short needles, and solid branches that hold heavy ornaments very well. With its distinctive and long-lasting fragrance, the Balsam fir tree is an all-time favorite Christmas tree in North America and one of the most popular Christmas trees in the Caribbean Islands and countries of South America too! Be it the Christmas tree in your home or a beautiful grove of conifer trees in the forest, they smell sharp, sweet, and refreshing. The distinctive scent of Balsam fir is for many the very essence of Christmas.

Choosing a real Christmas tree is a tradition for a lot of people. It is an annual event as fun and important as the holiday itself. Bundling up to visit a choose and cut lot, traipsing through the snow, finding the perfect tree, and finishing off the day by sharing a warm beverage with your loved ones is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit of Christmas.

These are all popular reasons why people will only choose real Christmas trees, but there are many others!

Environmental & Economic Benefits

It is a fact that real Christmas trees are not only beautiful, fragrant and natural, but that they are environmentally friendly as well! Environmental appreciation can increase, especially among children, when real trees are used.

Did you know there are many useful and fun ways to recycle your tree after the Christmas season has passed? Turn it into mulch, or strip the branches off to protect flower beds, and then use the trunk as a stake. The Nature Conservancy of Canada suggests putting your Christmas tree in your backyard as a welcomed shelter for birds. Your tree can provide protection for bird populations during the winter months, especially on cold nights and during storms.

The Nova Scotian Christmas tree industry is completely sustainable, it doesn’t contribute to mass deforestation. Trees are renewable, reusable, and biodegradable and should never end up in a landfill at the end of their lifetime. By contrast – did you know that fake trees are often made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which, according to EcoWatch, is one of the worst plastics on the plastics list and pollutes across its entire lifespan, from production to end of life?

For more information about the many environmental benefits of real trees, click here.

By choosing a real tree you are not only supporting the environment, but also our economy. The Christmas tree industry provides thousands of jobs to rural Nova Scotians and contributes millions of dollars to the economy every year. What better way is there to support local producers at Christmas than to buy a Nova Scotia-grown Christmas tree?

For more information on the economic benefits of real trees, click here.

Recycling Your Tree

Winter bird feeders and garden mulch are just a few of the ways you can recycle. Get more ideas about different ways you can recycle or dispose of your tree here.

Supporting Local

The Christmas tree industry provides employment to over 4,000 people in Nova Scotia alone. Learn more about the local economic benefits here.

Environmental Benefits

Did you know that the Nova Scotia Christmas tree industry is completely sustainable? There are many ways that this is achieved. Learn more about it here.