Real Tree Tips

Why Balsam Fir Christmas Trees?

The predominant species of Christmas tree grown in Nova Scotia is the Balsam fir. It is native to Nova Scotia and grows in abundance across our province. Balsam Fir is a very popular variety of Christmas tree and is highly sought-after both here, across the continent, and in the Caribbean too.

Balsam fir trees are known and loved for their beautiful dark green colour, their natural Christmas tree shape, and most of all, their rich fragrance. The aroma of a balsam fir is difficult, if not impossible, to imitate.   

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The Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia (CTCNS) Retail Code of Practice

The Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia’s Retail Code of Practice is designed to help assure that consumers receive fresh, quality trees from reliable, responsible sales outlets. When purchasing a real Christmas tree in Nova Scotia, ensure that you are purchasing from reliable, responsible retail lot that complies with the code, which includes the following promises:

Caring for your christmas tree once home