Retail Code of Practice

The Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia’s Retail Code of Practice is designed to help assure that consumers receive fresh, quality trees from reliable, responsible sales outlets. When purchasing a real Christmas tree in Nova Scotia, look for the signs indicating that the retail lot complies with the code, which includes the following promises:

  • Your tree will be fresh cut – if cut before December, no more than 10 days before being placed on retail display.
  • Your tree will be clean – vendors will remove mud, road salt, debris and an abundance of dead needles.
  • Your tree will be properly stored – vendors will store trees in an effort to prevent frost damage or drying.
  • Your tree shall have clean, neat handles – the butt of the tree will be neatly trimmed.
  • Your tree will have a fresh cut made at the butt – if you are not equipped to do so at home, simply request that the vendor cut it for you.
  • Your tree will be guaranteed – trees which shed excessively will be replaced or refunded.
  • Tree care information will be available – the vendor will provide advice on how to best care for your tree at home.
  • The tree lot will be clean and professional – the lot will be clean and safe and staff will be friendly and courteous.
  • Tree preparation for transport home will be assisted – the vendor will provide wrapping services and help load the tree if needed.